Beauty Retouching Services

If you are a fashion Photographer, a stock photographer, an advertising photographer or agency, wedding photographer or just a meticulous amateur, then Cogent beauty retouching service would give your images an extra finesse & glow .
The expert staff at Cogent Retouch, efficiently removes dark sports, blemishes, facial hairs, dark eye circles, pigmentation etc. & produce a flawless beauty image.
Beauty retouching is perhaps the most delicate domain of photo editing. While working on beauty retouching we need to take care of intricate details, facial contours and natural face defining bones. Beauty retouching is done with a blend of expert Photoshop skill and an in-depth knowledge of Photographic lighting. At Cogent Retouch, our retouching staff possess both the skills and hence produce beautiful & flawless retouching for beauty images.
For wedding photographers, It becomes so important to smoothen the skin of bride, groom & other guests. We provide bulk beauty retouching services for wedding photographers to produce flawless portraits, headshots, couple images etc.

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To broaden up the range of beauty retouching services, mainly comprising of:

  • Fashion/Model image retouching
  • Stock photo beauty retouching
  • Wedding portraits beauty retouching
  • Baby portraits retouching
  • Headshots portraits retouching
  • Corporate portraits retouching
  • Family portraits editing and retouching
  • Parent & child portraits retouching
  • Black & white portrait retouching
  • Sepia portrait retouching
  • Event / College portrait or gatherings

To brief about the various services involved in beauty retouching are:

  • Blemishes/ pigmentation/ dark spots removal
  • Color correction and adjustment of color hues & tones
  • Removal of facial hair / braces etc.
  • Redeye reduction
  • Manipulating hair strands
  • Whitening of teeth
  • Changing the color of eye / hair /dress
  • Feature correction
  • Makeup correction/ Enhancement
  • Background change
  • Slimming of body/ face
  • Sharpening

We at Cogent Retouch, abide to work according to client,s instruction and output an image with beauty, brilliance and a scintillating finishing.

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