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Cogent Retouch is an offshore Image Retouching Company with full commitment for Quality. The clipping path service provided by Cogent Retouch is an affordable solution for any individual, professional photographer or online retailers.

With the growing international Markets, any business has a great requirement of presenting its products in neat & clear way. Products shot in a studio always has some flaws & an uneven colored background that needs to be removed with a monotone background. Clipping path is the most common method of obtaining a clear background & flexibility to change the background even after the final work.

Cogent Retouch provides a flexible pricing for clipping path of different shapes with defined edges.

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The service is segmented into three levels :-

  • a) Basic Clipping path
  • b) Medium Clipping Path
  • c) Complex Clipping Path

Basic Clipping Path

The outline selection (clipping Path) of a single subject with smooth & straight edges or minimum curves comes under basic clipping path.

Medium Clipping Path

The images with little more edges & some uneven curves comes under Medium clipping path level.

Complex Clipping Path

The images with multiple edges & paths within a single path, takes a lot of time to create the final clipping path comes under Complex Clipping Path.

Clipping Path & After Effects
Cogent Retouch clipping path service can be ordered in three different ways depending upon the after effects which are:

  • a) Clipping path with white /solid/transparent background
  • b) Clipping path with shadow on solid background
  • c) Clipping path with mirror reflection on solid background

What is a Clipping Path?

In a common understandable language, Clipping path is an enclosed line art of desired selected area or color which needs to be separated from the undesired area/objects/color. There can be a single or multiple clipping paths in a single image. The clipping path creation is useful for changing or removing background, obtaining a silhouette, changing the color of any object etc. Finally ,You receive a desired cut out in an image leaving behind the unwanted area. Clipping Path creation is best used for sharp and defined edged images.

Outsourcing the clipping path services to india

A rapidly growing demand for Clipping Path Services is leading the bulk image editing seekers to outsource their jobs in low cost areas. Firstly its much cheaper & secondly the companies in expensive countries get rid of maintaining the additional infrastructure & overheads to increase the bench strength . So, what if you get the same quality and commitment but at much cheaper pricing. We work for you with you just like your own in-house staff. Working with Cogent Retouch is most trustworthy experience for our client’s because we never let their images leaked or manipulated to third party. For us your trust is the most important asset and we keep it with pride.

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