Jewelry Photo Retouching Services:

Jewellery Retouching is amongst the most difficult jobs out of all other retouching jobs. The critical part is to retouch the metal and stone to create an image with proper highlight , shadows & midtones. The details should be meticulously preserved despite of using all stamping/brushing/patching techniques. The expert retouching artists at Cogent Retouch, successfully win all the intricacies of Jewellery retouching jobs for Jewellery retailers, Photo studios and advertising agencies.

Why Jewellery Retouching is needed ?

This is always been a confusing factor that so many clients denies the need of retouching as they hire a good Jewellery photographer. Even the best of photography technique cannot produce the crispness of stone and monotonous background. A ring clicked on white background will produce an ivory white background and not milky white because the exposure of Jewellery will not match with that of background. So, it is myth that you will receive monotonous white background only with photography. Retouching always plays an important role in producing professionally presented Jewellery for proper clarity, transparency of stone, white background with original shadow or reflection. An example is shown below

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The services we offer for Jewellery retouching jobs

Cogent Retouch expert staff takes different steps to achieve the final image. We offer all or individual services for Jewellery retouching. Our Jewellery retouching services include

  • Removing background or creating white background
  • Creating mirror reflection
  • Creating original shadow
  • Stone color change
  • Changing the metal color
  • Complete Jewellery Retouching

Cogent Retouch successfully handles the Jewellery retouching jobs for Jewellery Photographers, Online Jewellery Retailers, Jewellery Exporters, Jewellery Catalogues, Jewellery magazines etc.

The difficult issues associated with Jewellery Retouching

As a retouching company , we can say Jewellery retouching is not a n easy job. The final image should not lose any minute detail of the Jewellery item. There should not be any deviation between the presented image & the real product. The stone should look transparent and crisp. Our retouching artists finalize all the Jewellery retouching jobs with full concentration to handle the tough parts of the job and produce a flawless image that attracts many customers to pull out the cards out of their pockets. Take a look at our Portfolio to see before-and-after Jewellery photo to see what great result we can provide.

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