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Wedding Image Processing Partner

Despite of being fully loaded with state of art equipments and years of experience in photography, you can never prevent people wandering around, bad lighting conditions and wrong horizons, while taking pictures.
If you are facing such problems too, then We are the solution to all your IMAGE EDITING & RETOUCHING requirements.
We love to provide quality service to our clients and become a special choice for wedding photographers all over the world. We always take care of providing you the best turn around time, best pricing and regular updates about your work status.

Picture Privacy

We understand the emotions and privacy of your clients and your's too, so we never publish your images on any of our web displays. We manage your data in proper manner with pass word protection on our computers also to prevent any of the misuse of your images. So you can always trust us for being fair with the image security issues.

Female Retouchers

Considering the increasing demand for Boudoir photography, we have a dedicated team of female retouchers in our company, who are experts in understanding the delicacy of boudoir images. The retouchers take care of the right way of smoothening the skin and enhancing the lighting. so you can be assured of quality retouching.

No Bounding Plans

Unlike other companies, we love to keep it simple for you. No fixed plans, no advance payments and no hidden conditions. You can be assured of what you were committed of is what you get. So you can feel free to contact us for any number of images,


If you need any of the above services, feel free to discuss your likings, preferences and queries. We offer FREE TRIALto make you sure of our quality and understanding of your instructions.

Wedding Images Retouching Services

There are various services required for creating beautiful Wedding images. We love to help professional wedding photographers with our different kind of wedding images processing services. We have categorized our wedding
related services in 3 basic sections.





Tired of spending your time in working long hours for colour correcting thousands for wedding images inspite of spending your time with family and friends or meet people for new assignments. Hand over your Color correcting jobs to us, this would cost you a small amount and you will receive peace of mind and more time to focus on new photography projects.

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Every professional wedding photographers end up shooting thousand of pictures in single wedding/ event now a days. This seems to be a big task for them to correct so many images. They have to spend long hours to color correct them and make them deliverable which otherwise can be used in making new business or spending time with family and friends.
Our specialized team of Lightroom professionals are experienced to handle such jobs with great level of perfection. We edit images according to your liking and preference.
We are proficient of handling lightroom smart catalogues and color correct the smart previews file.

Color Temperature We fix the color temperature according to your liking ( cool, warm, more warm etc.)
Color Tint Adjusting the color tint lets any image to achieve a desired look.
Exposure Adjusting exposure and lighting.
Shadow and highlight compensation Fixing highlights and shadow to bring back the detail in image and making it look ambient and perfect.
Clarity Adjusting clarity to sharpen the image.
Curves working on the highlights , shadows, midtones curves.
Split Toning Boosting particular color in highlights and shadows to beautify the images.
Saturation/Hue/Luminance Enhancing or reducing saturation/luminance/hue of a particular color to enhance the look of image.
Noise Reduction Low light condition lets a lot of noise in the image, we reduce that noise as per requirement.
Cropping We do cropping and horizon correction too as per the requirement.
If you are looking for a quality oriented company for your color correction work, we are sure to be the best company to fulfill your requirement, just send us few images as a test sample free of cost.


Small flaws really destroy the best clicked pictures. We work to help you in bringing out the best out of images by removing extra object, people and distraction elements. Adding some extra lighting creates magic to your images.

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Photoshop Editing service is suitable for the photographers who want to get their images edited with selective effects. Fixing skin with scars, discoloration, moles etc., can be done perfectly using photoshop editing.
We do selective arrangements on the images to enhance tonal range, lighten/darken certain parts of the image using burning and dodging techniques, straightening etc.
To simplify the things, we have categorized the photoshop editing in three levels:

a) Basic Retouches

The following retouches are performed here:
i) Color correction
ii) Exposure correction
iii) Shadow highlights compensation
iv) increasing sharpness
v) skin smoothening using filters

b) Advanced retouches

The following retouches are performed here:
i) Color correction
ii) Exposure correction
iii) Shadow highlights compensation
iv) increasing sharpness
v) Fixing skin removing moles, scars,     pigmentation, redness etc.
vi) Creating special color tones
vii) Enhance the image using dodging na       dp burning techniques
viii) Body shaping

c) Photoshop Image Editing / Image manipulation

The following retouches are performed here:
i) Body sculpting and shaping
ii) Adding and deleting distracting objects     from the picture
iii) Adding skies, clouds, grass etc.
iv) Adding or deleting any person/persons      from the picture
v) Creating signature style images with      perfect color tones, selective      enhancements and accurate mood.
vi) Adding /deleting trees, fences, poles      etc.
vii) Any other customized Editing.


Our expert photo album designing service, would leave a long lasting impact on your clients. Our graphic designers, blend the emotions in the image with the right color tones and beautiful page lay outing. Experience the magic of our photo album design with our company.

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Cogent offer specialized photo album designing service to professional photographers. Our expert team is creative and technically equipped to produce beautiful photo books / photo albums. With us you have the flexibility to receive the final photobook from unprocessed original images.
We process, we edit and we design your wedding images. Our team is expert to design any photo album according to your style and choice.
In general, we have categorized the photo album designing into two different styles.

a) Classic style

b) Contemporary Style

When sending your images we need to know:

When we work for any new client (photographer) for the first time, we like them to share their likings, any instructions and the color tones they prefer. We create a proper database of every photographer's instructions and preferences in order to deliver consistent result every time.


If you need any of the above services, feel free to discuss your likings, preferences and queries. We offer free trails to make you sure of our quality and understanding of your instructions.

Newborn & Baby Portraits Retouching

For Newborn & portrait photographers, we have expert retouchers to accomplish your tasks.
We are aware of the delicacy involved in editing of such images.
Feel free to ask for trials

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Newborn baby's images are so delicate to retouch and needs intelligent editing to maintain the real features and texture and simultaneously smoothen the new skin on the face, hands, and legs. Our expert team have the skill to create a perfectly smooth new born skin. We also understand your unique style to showcase the pictures with special color tones and your name on it. Using special color tones, creates uniquely identified images and enhance the feel of newborn images.

Similar is the case with the kids photo retouching, they don't have sharp features like elders so these images should be retouched delicately to enhance the soft skin and cute features without losing the innocence of the face. Our expert team is proficient to achieve the desired result. just discuss your liking with us and get a test image retouched free of cost.

If you have a project to discuss, please feel free to contact us & we will propose with the best possible quote.